Friday, June 14, 2013

What You Took-What You Can't Give

Do you feel you aren't good enough? Is it because someone made you feel like that? They took you for granted what you can and could do? Did they talk down to you? Did they dictate what you were good in, good at, and you believed it all? Did they cause you not to accomplish "your" goals? And now you realize you settled not for you but because of them.  Let's take it a step further; the few things you are "good for" are the only things you give in your close knit relationships? And what you also just realized your close knit people love "what your good for"; however, what they need is what you're not able to give?

I understand this topic may be the first time you've experienced such a simple but complex idea. And I'm sorry you have experienced this. I have too. Thus, why I have to bring it up.

I'll conclude this topic by saying, now that you have realized one of the many things that have brought down your relationships you must figure out how to LIFT UP these relationships. Sit with these ideas. Understand their effectiveness. Finally, speak with a voice of clarity so imperfections can be corrected.

Until next time!!

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